Sunday, 1 February 2009

Week 23-Songs of Mytilene-Τραγούδια Μυτιλήνης-Midilli Şarkıları:

1. My Little Sweetheart (Syrtos dance song)
2. Azizies or Tenedios (Syrtos dance-instr.)
3. Pigi (Zeibekikos dance, instr.)
4. From Athens to Piraeus(Syrtos and Ballos dance song)
5. Bride's syrtos and ballos (dance-instr.)
6. Old Karsilamas (dance, instr.)
7. Vary Zeibekiko (dance, instr.)
8. Two Cypresses (Karsilamas dance, instr.)

These songs were recorded in Lesvos (Midilli) in 1974 by Anagnostirion Society of Agiasos members under the direction of Panagiotis Pratsos. (Instruments in all these selections are violin, santouri and guitar.)
Music samples

P.S: An old photograph with musicians (clarinet, violin, santouri, and singer). Mytilene in the early 1920s.

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