Saturday, 14 February 2009

Road to Rebetika - Gail Host

Book title: Road to Rebetiko, Δρόμος για το ρεμπέτικο
Author: Gail Host
ISBN: Greek edition 960-7120-00-0, Turkish edition 9789757652199
Language: Greek, English, Turkish
Year: First English edition 1975
Description: One of the first books written on the rebetiko, that has all the basic knowledge for anyone wanting to learn about this music.
Content: 1. How I found rebetiko, 2 Peireaus 1920-the raod starts, 3. The world of a rebeti - Markos Vamvakaris, 4. The good days of the rebetiko - Smyneiko and Peiraiotiko, 5. The days of the war - Vasilis Tsitsanis, 6. The backbone of the rebetiko, the "roads", and maqams, 7. Looking back, 8. The songs, 9. Manuscripts, Lelakis, Tsitsanis, Moshonas, Vamvakaris
Articals from newspapers
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