Tuesday, 10 February 2009

MUSICAL SCORE: Hüseyni Peşrev-Lavtacı Andon

Hüseyni Peşrev is the best known piece of Lavtacı Andon (Andon Efendi, Batrik Kriazis) whose date of born is unknown. According to some sources he died in 1915, some claim in 1925 in Istanbul. He was the brother of Lavtacı Hristo. He played oud and lute (lavta).
'Peşrev' is a form in traditional instrumental turkish music. By word it means the thing which goes first. Musical performances like 'fasıl' begin with a peşrev. Even though not exactly the same, it is like 'ouverture' in western music.

Watch in the internet: http://fizy.org/ygn-nZmNbnjy

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Panos Agiakatsikas said...

Geia sou! Can you play this on the piano? its a piece I will learn in the future I hope of this year!