Wednesday, 16 September 2009

The Bengi Baglama Trio / Bengi Bağlama Üçlüsü

Bengi Trio was formed in 1988 by Okan Murat Öztürk, Kenan Özdemir and Özay Onay. Bengi Trio has been almost the only "bağlama" (long-necked Anatolian folk lute) group elaborated on bağlama and Anatolian music.The trio has been trying to dovelop the solo performance of bağlama and sees it as the basic and prior musical instrument of Anatolia. While the members of the group give much importance to the traditional way of playing techniques (tavır), they also consider the proper harmonic accompaniments which means that Anatolian music, though being a modal and unison music, can be polyphonic. These ideas are briefly expressed in one thrase remaining the same while changing, changing while remaining the same which is what the Bengi Concept is.

The trio has played in many international and domestic festivals and given academic leveled concerts at different foreign and local culture centers and concert halls. Some ofthese are Houston international Festival (USA). U.M. Church (Atlanta-USA). HDK Bundeshalle Concert Hall (Berlin-Germany), Balihaus (Berlin-Germany), Mercator Halle Concert Hall (Duisburg-Germany), Ankara International Music Festival (Turkey), Istanbul CRR Concert Hall (Turkey), İzmir Atatürk Culture Center (Turkey), METU Culture Center (Turkey), Antalya Culture Center (Turkey), İzmit S. Demirci Culture Center (Turkey), As well as the concerts, there are many tv and radio programs in the past of Bengi.

The albums of Bengi Trio;

Güneş Bahçesinden Ezgiler (Songs from the sun's garden) by Kalan Müzik - 1999:
Sel Gider Kum Kalır (Flood leaves, sand remains) by Kalan Müzik " 2001.

The Bengi Bağlama Trio is now celebrating its 20th anniversary with a new album released via the Kalan Music label. Billed as “Turkey's best bağlama ensemble” by Martin Stokes and Francesco Martinelli on the “Rough Guide of World Music,” the trio has recorded 17 folksongs from four corners of Anatolia on the new CD, titled “Yeni Gelenek” (New Tradition).

Album: New Tradition / Yeni Gelenek
Kalan Music
Turkish Folk Music

Laouto: Okan Murat Ozturk
Tanbura: Okan Murat Ozturk
Cogur: Ozay Onal
Divan Sazi: Ozay Onal
Dede Baglama, Cura: Erdem Simsek


1. Teber
2. Tutam yar elinden
3. Sabah oldu
4. Tulbent oyun havasi
5. Şu daglarin yuksegine erseler
6. Keskin halayi
7. Ayagina giymis sedef nalini
8. Karasar zeybegi
9. Karanfilim budama
10. Gokyuzunde boluk boluk turnalar
11. Zile semahi
12. Nikriz oyun havasi
13. Kekligi vurdum tasta
14. Hicaz zeybek
15. Abdurrahman halayi
16. Ozlem
17. Topal oyun havasi

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