Tuesday 23 October 2012

Τanburi Angeli (Άγγελος ή Αγγέλης 1610; - 1690)

Derya Türkan - Kürdi Peşrev 
Greek composers of the Ottoman era
Τanburi Angeli (Άγγελος ή Αγγέλης 1610; - 1690)
Musician, composer and music teacher in the Ottoman Empire in the 17th century. He played Tanbur and knew both the Byzantine and Ottoman music.  He was a musician in the palace and even the most expensive, after they were 40 salary ahce daily. The sources referred to as «tanburi Angeli», is indeed the first courtier musician referred to as "tanburi". He had the nickname "Angel the Great (Koca Angeli)», the title would later acquire Peter Lambadarios. It is very likely that Angeli played an important role in the standardization of tanbur, since he was not only a performer but a teacher in the Palace. Among his students was prince Demetrius Kantemiris. Five of his composition are known to this day (Pesrev). He died around 1690.

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