Monday, 6 April 2009

"Dithen" - Greek traditional music

Palios Ikariotikos (Old Ikariotikos island dance)

Bam Zeybekikos (traditional of Asia Minor)

Aman Gel Aman (Tis triandafilias ta fila - Karsilamas) (traditional of Asia Minor)

Gialo-Gialo/Ti se melei esena (Sirtos) (traditional of Asia Minor)

Ehe geia -Hasapiko (traditional hasap havasi of Constandinople)


Filiz said...

Thank you Pano..These videos are great! I didn't know about this group..

Panos Agiakatsikas said...

Yes this is a new group called 'Dithen' Δήθεν, that have a new cd out. Check the other two I added... The violin and santouri player are not in their group...
Actually you have see the violin player live!!! Do you remember where?

Filiz said...

:))))) Yes I do remember him now! I think I have photos of him as well.. :)