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Sultan Composers

Title: Sultan Composers (2 CD) [Sultan Bestekarlar]
Artists: Violoncello:Uğur Işık, Ney:Ahmet Şahin, Quanun:Reha Sağbaş, Tanbur:Özer Özel, Classical Kemenche:Ahmet Kadri Rizeli, Rhytms:Fahrettin Yarkın
Year: 1999
Production: Kalan Music (130-131)
Description: The works in this collection are the recorded examples of an imperial family's musical heritage. These are professional level compositions of the Ottoman family members, who gave their signature to six centuries of the Turkish history. Composed between the first half of the sixteenth century and the second half of the present century, they have remained for many years in private collections known as "Sultani Besteler" (Sultanic Compositions). Now, for the first time, they have been brought together on these CD's.
Tracks: 47 tracks

1.Evc Saz Semai-Sultan Bayezid II (1447 - 1512)
2.Uzzal Peşrev-Sultan Murad IV (1612 - 1640)
3.Uşşak Peşrev-Sultan Mahmud I (1696-1754)
4.Pesendide Peşrev-Sultan Selim III (1761 - 1808)
5. Pesendide Saz Semai-Sultan Selim III
6.Hicaz Oyun Havası-Sultan Aziz (1830 - 1876)
7. Hicaz Sirto-Sultan Aziz

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