Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Itri (Buhurizade Mustafa Efendi)

His real name was Mustafa (1640-1712), and he was sometimes referred to as Buhurizade Mustafa Efendi . Itri was a major exponent of Turkish classical music, much in the same way that his contemporary J.S.Bach revolutionized Western music. He was a very prolific composer with more than a thousand works. However, only about forty of these survived to this day.
It is believed that he was a Mevlevi, and composed religious music for this order. He lived through the times of five Ottoman Emperors. He became well known during the time of Mehmet IV. He sang in fasıls, which are concert programs with the same makam, in the presence of Mehmet IV. Starting from this time, he enjoyed the support of the palace for many years. He taught music in the palace Enderun school. He was also interested in gardening. It is believed that his name Itri comes from the word itir, which means rose-geranium, or pelargonium.
As with most composers of his day, Itri was also a famous poet. He used poetic forms based on the classicial Ottoman school of poetry (Divan), as well as those based on syllabic meters identified with folk music and poetry. Unfortunately most of his poetry has not survived to this day. He was also known for being a calligrapher.

Major Works:

Tut-i Mucizei Guyem
Dilkeşhâveran Gece Salâtı , Mâye Cuma Salâtı
Segâh Mevlevi Ayini , Rast Darb-ı Türkî Naat ve Sofyan Tevşih
Nühüft Durak; Nühüft İlahî , Nühüft Tevşih; Nevâ Kâr
2 Pençgâh Beste , Hisar Devr-i Kebir Beste ve Aksak Semai
Mâhûr Ağır Aksak Semai , Rehavî Berefşan Beste
Buselik Hafif Beste ve Yürük Semai, Segâh Ağır Semai
Segâh Yürük Semai , Bayatî Çember Beste
Bestenigâr Darb-ı Fetih Beste , Dügâh Hafif Beste
Isfahan Zencir Beste ve Ağır Aksak Semai
Nikriz Muhammes Beste , Râhatu'l Ervah Zencir Beste
Irak Aksak Semai , Rast Aksak Semai
Nühüft Aksak Semai , Acemaşiran Yürük Semai
Rehavî Peşrev

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