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Vaggelis Papazoglou - Introduction

(Smyrni 1895-97 – Athens 1943)

«Aggouris (Nick name the Cucumber)». Born Smyrni, 1895-97 – died Athens 1943). Distinguished folk musician and song maker, of the leading pre-war Rebetes. Furthermore, he ranks among the few with character and integrity. He was playing santouri, mandolin, guitar, violin and banjo. Between 1919-20 he played in «Estountiantina Smyrna» group of Smyrni. He came to Greece in the Destruction of 1922 and settled in Kokkinia of Athens. Recorded only during the 3 years 1933-36, and then collided with tenacious censorship of «4th of August » (about the song «The skint - Batiris». When the lyrics «I have to get my chance to get ill so if I have the right to live free », although the censors have offered to replace the «free» to «happy», and the author replied that the free is only happy !...). He used the nickname "Cucumber" and wrote notes on a music He wrote: "Under the lemon tree," The vegetables "("Police man dot hit me": 1933),« Argiles »(1933),« If I were a man »(1933)," Pente hronia dikasmenos – five years convicted"," Put me in your arms"," The xemagkas"(1935)," Strive 'koutsavaki man","Children of the road","Bampesa "(which impressed the [[the compose Attik]. The smuggling "(later appropriated by the B. Vasiliadis entitled "Ante two eyes "),« The Nikoklakias »,"Geromagkas ",« I say that it seems to me » (1936),« As I returned from Pilos »(1936),« We will solve » (or« mystery », 1936),« The remove »and several others who were released several«folk vardoi »on; ... On behalf of LP records to revive the old recordings of note: "Vangelis Papazoglou (1982)," The old is new "(1984)," The Smyrneiko song in Greece "(1993, reprinted in" Vangelis Papazoglou "). According to George Lekakis he was the composer that Tsitsanis admired most, and the sophisticated Nick Armaos regarded him as the "best of all’. He died in the German possession of Greece and under deprivation and tuberculosis. His wife, also known a singer of the rebetiko song, Ageliki Papazoglou (Smirni 1899 - Athens 1983) was the daughter of the famous violinist and santourieri Dimitris Maroniti (who has the nickname «the Chiotaki»). It is remarkable and that left 750 pages of handwritten notes with valuable information about the music life of Izmir before the destruction.

From the "Dictionary of Greek Music"
of T. Kalogeropoulos

Introduction music

Playlist files:

1. Rita Ambaci - Zourlopenemenis genna
2. Stellakis Perpiniadis - Agiothodoritissa
3. Stellakis Perpiniadis - I foni tou argile (Pente hronia dikasmenos)
4. Kostas Roukounas - Kato sta lemonadika (Oi lahanades)
5. Virginia Magidou - Tsahpina Amerikana
6. Stellakis Perpiniadis - Vale me stin agkalia sou
7. Rita Ambaci - Varethika ton argile (O xemagkas)

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