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Ayvaliotikos Zeybekikos - Kuvarda Zeybegi

View of old Ayvali from cart postal

This traditional Zeybek tune signifies it's more than a hundred years old, and its name perhaps shows where it came from or where it was extremely popular, "Ayvali" a once Greek city now in Turkey, across Lesvos Island. "Ayvaliotikos" until this day is played and danced everywhere in Greece as a heavy Zeybek dance (check the video).
There are three variations, the first is actually played in Greece, the second was recorded with Sukru Tunar who was born in Edremit a city close to Ayvali, also Domna Samiou recorded this rare version. The last from Nikos Kalaitzis is with lyrics known in Lesvos Island beside the traditional version. "Ayvaliotikos" is written in the maqam Saba, and in Lesvos its know as "MI" (E) as its played from E. Its popularity in Lesvos gave it also ones title of a recording "Mytilino Zeibekiko"

Ayvaliotiko Zeibekiko - Giorgos Makrigiannis
On violin George Makrigiannis Victor VI-72702
Zeibekiko Aibali (1919)
Recorded in US. Athanasios Macedonas violin, Papagikas Kostas tsemballon and Markos Sifnios Tsello
Gas Gandini-Ayvali (?)
Gas Gandinis on Clarinete
Mytilinio Zeibekiko (?)
Giorgos Mitsakis - Ayvaliotiko - Enas Magkas (?)
plays Ayvaliotiko then continues with Enas Magkas sto Votaniko
Ayvaliotiko Zeybek - Anestis Athanasiou (?)
Oi Mytilinioi - Ayvaliotiko (1993)
The group of Dimitris Kofteros from Lesvos
and the Cassete "Mytilinio Glenti" - 1993

1) Sukru Tunar - Kuvarda Zeybegi
From the Sukru Tunar (1907-1962) CD of Kalan 1998
Domna Samiou - Zeibekiko Smyrnis (1973)
From the Lp Ehe Gia Panagia
2) Nikos Kalaitzis - O Meraklis (?)
with lyrics. From Cd Smyrna Ionia Coasts
Kyriakos Guventas on violin

This is a glenti of Mytilinioi (From Lesvos) dancing Ayvaliotikos

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